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Thursday, January 27, 2011

squiggystardust-the etymology

I'm surprised that I get to be squiggystardust throughout the internet. I was musing about it today as my eyes struggled to see the computer screen through my searing migraine. I hobbled around making a cup of leftover ground Starbucks ChristmasBlend, attempting to sculpt it into a resemblance of espresso- mainly for medicinal purposes. I'm hardcore now, drinking it without soy or sweetening. Just get the medicine down my craw. But back to the musing: Of course the major nod is to David Bowie. Then squiggystardust kept making it through as my screen name on various sites, not having to put numbers or additional letters to "win" it. But today with my pain-altered state I saw a deeper, or you could call it a 'lighter' meaning:
"squiggy" for goofiness (a bare essential for everyday usage) and "stardust" for the invisible magic dust I like to leave wherever I go. It makes my day more magical and I sincerely hope that it makes a more stardust-y day for my co-inhabitants in the world. May you all be stardusted, be you human, critter, plant, mineral, fire, air, water, earth or something as yet undiscovered that likes stardust or is stardust.

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