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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

squiggystardust: Sunscreen Demystified! Celebrating Solstice!


Sunscreen Demystified! Celebrating Solstice!

Anyone who knows me is sick of me and my preaching about using sunscreen. The thing that makes them crazy is that I preach daily use, whether in or out doors all four seasons of the year. It must be applied 45 minutes before exposure. Reapplied every two hours if out in the sun. Cloudy days are actually *worse* that sunny days.

I came late to this religious rite after years of blissful baking in the sun. I didn't notice that my skin was doing a bit of shriveling until I was near thirty. I had, what I like to call, a form of beauty dysphoria. You know, like the skeletal girl who looks in the mirror and looks fat to herself. Or Donald Trump who looks in the mirror and thinks his hair looks good. That. I had convinced myself that dark brown = beauty and health.

Anyhoo, the reality was that I looked old, leathery and tired. I doubted that sunscreen could do anything, at that point, besides slowing down future damage.
I'm here to tell you that not only did it help, it actually reversed aging.
Any dermatologist will tell you that sunscreen is the most important beauty routine of all. The least expensive as well.

You can bronze up with powder or tinted moisturizer. I personally think the vampire look is beautiful.