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Thursday, January 28, 2010


OMG! So hilarious! Menstruation is THE grossest! Women put something called a pad near the most disgusting place in the world. Women have vaginas and they bleed! Oh wow! I can't stop laughing!

Alice in Wonderland gets the Tim Burton treatment

Tim Burton? God. Johnny Depp? God. Helena Bonham Carter? God. Alice in Wonderland? Delicious.
Required watching. You will be graded.

WE'RE ALL FANS - The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Let's not forget to watch or record the Grammys this coming Sunday night! If you like the Grammys, that is. If not, I'll watch it for everybody else. I get my fashion/style fix for juicy hair and clothing ideas on all the awards shows, but the Grammys are off the pendulum fulcrum. Even if I don't agree with choices made, I'm enthralled with the going-out-on-a-limb-ness of it all. Plus, Music is Magic. All Hail!

WE'RE ALL FANS - The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Vegan Schmegan

Y'all know I never prosthelytize about vegan/vegetarianism. Ever. I firmly believe that everybody does the best they can in all areas of life and other people are far more cutting edge and conscientious than I am in lots of arenas. This link is a visual and textual answer to questions and statements that peeps ask and rejoin me all the time, "Well, what the hell DO you eat?" or ''That food tastes like ass," or "My doctor (AMA) says you can't get enough protein," etc. The pictures are amazing and the recipes; hedonistic. Check it.


There's a New Knicker in Town

Here's something I found tonight in 'Women's Wear Daily': It's a new Marilyn (as in Monroe) line of panties. The way I read the initial article was that these panties would protect our valuable and tender parts from the grime and what-have-you on the subway, bus, public bench and what-not. They're made to look like the full pantie that Marilyn was wearing when she stepped on the subway grate and her gorgeous white dress flew up. Full coverage but supposedly sleek under summer dresses and allows for the occasional cartwheel or celebratory twirl without exposing images which you'd like to keep to yourself. As I got deeper into other articles they began to sound more like it is full coverage and sleek, all right, but is designed more for keeping the subway, bus, public bench safe from you! Sort of a training pantie, pre-Depends, or maybe less dramatic, for women who have heavy periods, etc. Let's think of it as a pro-choice pantie. If you need it or want it to protect you from the environment or to protect your environment from you, let's just say, 'there's a new knicker in town.'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lady Gaga's Stylist

I woke up to find this marvelous article, sent via Switzerland via New York Times via my best friend in the very early 70's when I lived in Boulder, Cynthia. Our global village in action. Four of my favorite topics: my friends, fashion, art and Lady Gaga.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday to blog

Hey! Happy Birthday Baby Blog! I'm gettin' my blog on and takin' it on the road. Couldn't wait any longer. Like lotsa people I have strong opinions, lotsa vintage to greenmarket ideas; from the practical to the divine to the profane and beyond, that are all jonzin for release.

I've been a makeup stylist in the film and television industry for 26 years, therefore, beauty and style are always boiling and marinading, splashing around my juicy virtual lab. Even in my sleep. I'll splash some of it around here. Keeps it in one place.

I'll throw in some musings, some articles I adore, and I'll even select some lucky (haha) commenter's questions to answer. Oh heck, while I'm at it, I'll give advice. I'm no Cary Tennis but I am gifted in the art, my friends report.

Aren't you excited? I am. Off we go!