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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helsinki has Heaven-sinki Street Fashion and Outlandish Weddings (mostly UK)

My darling friend (I like to call her my 'childhood' friend though I was 20 when we met) Cynthia and her amazing daughter Olivia (who happens to be 20 herself), sent me these two articles/items separately but I'm putting them together in this post. It's a plus for me that these beautiful, erudite, creative, juicy women live in Geneva, Switzerland, so their bright, enthused, artistic eyes keep mine entertained and inspired on a regular basis. Both picture albums had me sitting up straight in my chair with sluggish blood moving more merrily in my winter's veins!

Cynthia sent me the fabulous Helsinki street fashion show. I am ready to move there when and if the opportunity presents, just from the looks of the delightful creative inhabitants there:


Then Olivia's article and picture album seemed to go on forever but I could not tear my eyes away until the very end, even though it was way past my bedtime and past almost everyone's bedtime in my time-zone. This particular album is entitled 'Awful Weddings.' My opinions diverge wildly from the snarky, mean opinions (in my opinion) of the blogger. She gets huge props for gathering these marvelous spectacular (as in spectacle) pictures, though. Each one is worth at least a thousand words. Most of those words would be droll rather than cruel, however. In particular, she says mean things about the large size of the brides, bridesmaids and children in the wedding parties. Not surprisingly, no men are meanly cited in the same way. Regardless, I love all these people who are pictured here, for creating their vision for their wedding day. Visions which are admittedly weird at times but guaranteed to be fascinating. Fellini would be thrilled! Fasten your brains securely:



  1. Oh Squiggy, what fun to be forever friends with you! x x Cynthia

  2. These are so fun! I totally agree that the wedding post was too mean, but the pictures are definitely memorable.

  3. In our next life too, okay Cynthia?!

    Jacy, I like to think she didn't how how to interpret the color and kitsch of those brave people. But that's why we're here to appreciate them.