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Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's a New Knicker in Town

Here's something I found tonight in 'Women's Wear Daily': It's a new Marilyn (as in Monroe) line of panties. The way I read the initial article was that these panties would protect our valuable and tender parts from the grime and what-have-you on the subway, bus, public bench and what-not. They're made to look like the full pantie that Marilyn was wearing when she stepped on the subway grate and her gorgeous white dress flew up. Full coverage but supposedly sleek under summer dresses and allows for the occasional cartwheel or celebratory twirl without exposing images which you'd like to keep to yourself. As I got deeper into other articles they began to sound more like it is full coverage and sleek, all right, but is designed more for keeping the subway, bus, public bench safe from you! Sort of a training pantie, pre-Depends, or maybe less dramatic, for women who have heavy periods, etc. Let's think of it as a pro-choice pantie. If you need it or want it to protect you from the environment or to protect your environment from you, let's just say, 'there's a new knicker in town.'

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