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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday to blog

Hey! Happy Birthday Baby Blog! I'm gettin' my blog on and takin' it on the road. Couldn't wait any longer. Like lotsa people I have strong opinions, lotsa vintage to greenmarket ideas; from the practical to the divine to the profane and beyond, that are all jonzin for release.

I've been a makeup stylist in the film and television industry for 26 years, therefore, beauty and style are always boiling and marinading, splashing around my juicy virtual lab. Even in my sleep. I'll splash some of it around here. Keeps it in one place.

I'll throw in some musings, some articles I adore, and I'll even select some lucky (haha) commenter's questions to answer. Oh heck, while I'm at it, I'll give advice. I'm no Cary Tennis but I am gifted in the art, my friends report.

Aren't you excited? I am. Off we go!

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