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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skyping with family across the pond

Today my daughter, her baby and I Skyped with my other daughter in London and whiled away the hours like women in the old days might have at a quilt-making session or a knitting circle. Jacy nursed her baby part of the time but mostly we sat with our smart phones and three macbooks and illustrated our lives and interests to each other by wifi. Singing and dancing with Hugo got to be at such a pitch that he began singing at the top of his 7 month old lungs varying the pitch and intensity like an infant Pavarotti. He was so caught up in the fun he even planted some soulful kisses on my cheek. It was my first time to receive these sweet priceless gifts! Hugo played talking with his Aunt Phoebe and continued their budding relationship from a few months ago. Finally it was 1 AM in London and Phoebe stumbled sleepily to bed with visions of Hugo-shaped cherubs smiling in her head.

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